Friday, February 02, 2007

My News Years Resolution was to start blogging everyday so here we are in February so in my usual procrasting manner I will make a start. Since I last made an entry my new book Zone Mind, Zone Body has been published and is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and quite a few bookshops although I'm not sure which.

The book is a result of spending the last ten years teaching The Alexander Technique to all sorts of sports people. One thing I found in that time is that too many have what I call a 'poor body picture' that is they don't know how to use it well. I had the same problem which effectively put an end to any idea of a career in sport due to injuries (and I just wasnt good enough!)

I did quite a bit of research and was surprised that so many of today's popular fitness stuff has very little or no scientific basis or evidence to back it up. I have a big problem with all the fuss over 'core' workouts. Do we really have to work the core to bits in order to perform? I just dont think our bodies were designed that way (and neither do quite a few sports and medical scientists a la Mel Siff and Stuart McGill!)

How many fitness books have you got? I had loads and realised that they all say the same thing and have tons of pictures of exercises that really have little in common with any natural movements or your sports. When did we start to think that we had to spend more time doing these odd movements than playing a sport to stay in shape? I know the arguement goes that you need to work all these muscles using situps, crunches and all that but do we? When you play football, run in the park or go for a swim dont you work all of them together and in a coordinated way? Plus how much more fun is a good kick around the park?

What do you think? Of course you're welcome to read my book and get the full story, plus try all the activities I have in it to back up my point.

See you again soon


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