Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Keep fit simple

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I really should make an effort to add posts here more often!

Well now I have a good excuse because my new book, Zone Mind, Zone Body is out now and Im quite pleased with it. It is the result of ten years playing around with what I know about The Alexander Technique and my experience of sports and fitness training. It is unlike other training books because I dont talk about exercise and fitness routines. The emphasis is on The Zone (hence its mentioned twice in the title!). Why do athletes feel some of their best performances were practically effortless? Why do they experience a state of euphoria when in the heat of competition? Why is it usually accidental, i.e., they didnt do anything specific they could explain to get into The Zone?

I like to thing I have answered quite a few of these questions and give the reader some good solid, practical tips to improve the chances of getting into The Zone. Ironically I believe many of the traditional fitness and training practices actually reduce our Zone moments.

Do you have any thoughts on The Zone? If you have experience in any activity please let me know. My book is available through www.ecademypress.com. I am really interested in what people think. I know my book will be seen by many as controversial but I think we have been heading down the wrong path in fitness and sports training for sometime - just look at the rise in sports injuries.

Keep fit simple